Conference Speaker | Media Consultant



17th World Conference on Tobacco or Health

Moderator: High-Level Ministerial Forum (7 March 2018)

‘Tobacco and Global Health Policy’ with WHO ADG (Dr Svetlana Akselrod) and health ministers from Argentina (Hon Adolfo Rubinstein), Vietnam (Hon Nguyen Thi Kim Tien), Uganda (Hon Sarah Opendi), and Senegal (Hon Mbagnik Ndiaye). [SEE MORE]

Chairperson/Moderator: High-Level International Women’s Day Panel (8 March 2018)

This all women panel, featuring Dr Matshidiso Moeti (WHO African Regional Director), Dr Lorraine Greaves (International Network of Women Against Tobacco Control), Dr Judith Mackay ( Vital Strategies/Bloomberg Initiatives to Reduce Tobacco Use), and Ms Malebona Precious Matsoso (SA DG National Department of Health) provides a platform for women to discuss the women’s health agenda at the WCTOH 2018. The voice on women by women, the panel is appropriately themed: ‘women, development and tobacco control’ and provides opportunity for engagement on key women’s issues. [READ MORE]


22nd European Congress on Tropical Medicine & International Health

Closing Session Speech: Building Bridges Between Science and the Media (20 October 2017)

How do we foster better trust and collaboration between scientists and journalist to improve global media coverage of important health issues? I help close out the ECTMIH2017 conference in Antwerp, Belgium with a talk about ethics, accuracy, trust, and making friends with ‘the enemy’ on both sides of the debate. [WATCH HERE]

Panel Debate Session: Science and the Media (18 October 2017)

Journalists, scientists, and policy-makers debate whether the current state of communication between sectors is failing in the global health debate and, if it is, what can be done to patch the holes. This is a debate I participated in along with fellow journalist Bharathi Ghanasyam (Journalists Against TB, India), science researcher Prof Johan van Griensven (ITM Ebola Tx-Trial), Emmanuelle Roure (EU Commission on Health Policy) and moderated by Andrew Jack (Financial Times, UK).

[Read International Health Policies review of the session here]

ENERGY21 – Exchange Hub [2016]

Workshop Facilitator/Presenter: Creative Storytelling for Science & Scientists (November/December 2016, South Africa)

In partnership with the US Embassy and the South African departments of Energy and Environmental Affairs, the ENERGY21was a multi-day workshop series addressing clean energy challenges in developing countries like South Africa. Serusha Govender participated as a panel moderator, moderated several panels looking at local challenges in energy communication (and mis-communication), and led a workshop series teaching civil society participants how to use narrative non-fiction techniques to communicate their strategies more effectively to the public. [READ MORE].