World Economic Forum (2017): How Infrastructure Development Will Drive Economic Growth

Poor infrastructure and a lack of logistical systems is a serious thorn in Africa’s paw – without decent ports, warehouses, manufacturing centres and the roads to connect them, the continent will consistently struggle to move goods to market, and become globally competitive. Logistics’ company, Agility Africa has been tackling these challenges by building a network of manufacturing hubs across the continent in regions that have the trickiest access to some critical resources needed to grow new business, namely keeping the lights on, keeping the internet up and running, and providing a safe and secure environment to work.  [Includes Audio Interview]

Namoratunga: Astrologists are Out of the Dark on Africa’s Ancient Sites

Here on the dusty south-western shores of Lake Turkana, amid the sand and stones, stand large basalt pillars arranged in a circular pattern, the Dancing Stones of Namoratunga; megalithic structures that point to a grand design and purpose by an ancient people from thousands of years ago that most of the world didn’t even know existed.

Top Luxury Vacation Stays in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has just been named the top travel destination in Africa for 2017 by the Conde Nast Traveler; it’s one of only two African countries that made the “Best Places to Travel in 2017” this year…

Top African Travel Blogs

For some travel aficionados, journeying across Africa has become their unofficial career and they’ve documented their incredible travels on a variety of interesting & thrilling travel blogs…

Africa’s Best Off-Season Vacation Spots

Peak season travel across the African continent can be spectacular but expensive – here’s how to avoid the expense and still manage to tick some of those amazing African vacation spots off your bucket list and have a great time doing it.

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