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The Link Between Memory and Stress

Chronic stress has been proven to drastically reduce spatial memory and trigger long-term changes in your brain – can the damage be undone?

Why Do People Flake Out?

We don’t want to think that flaky friends are being malicious (even on a subconscious level), but the truth is, the spontaneous, “free-spirit” behavior known as “flaking out” isn’t really all that benign. It actually reveals a serious lack of conscientiousness — and there are a few reasons why someone could be acting this way.

How to Light up Your Home and Boost Your Mood

Are those long, dark, wintry days ahead of making you daydream of a tropical vacation? Well, there’s a much quicker (and cheaper) way to beat those winter blues: By turning your home into an oasis of light. Here are three ways to creatively light your way through the gloom.

What is Water Weight Really?

Having too much sodium in the body and being sedentary can play a big role in water weight.