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The Link Between Memory and Stress

Chronic stress has been proven to drastically reduce spatial memory and trigger long-term changes in your brain – can the damage be undone?

Why Do People Flake Out?

We don’t want to think that flaky friends are being malicious (even on a subconscious level), but the truth is, the spontaneous, “free-spirit” behavior known as “flaking out” isn’t really all that benign. It actually reveals a serious lack of conscientiousness — and there are a few reasons why someone could be acting this way.

How to Light up Your Home and Boost Your Mood

Are those long, dark, wintry days ahead of making you daydream of a tropical vacation? Well, there’s a much quicker (and cheaper) way to beat those winter blues: By turning your home into an oasis of light. Here are three ways to creatively light your way through the gloom.

What is Water Weight Really?

Having too much sodium in the body and being sedentary can play a big role in water weight.





World Economic Forum (2017): How Infrastructure Development Will Drive Economic Growth

Poor infrastructure and a lack of logistical systems is a serious thorn in Africa’s paw – without decent ports, warehouses, manufacturing centres and the roads to connect them, the continent will consistently struggle to move goods to market, and become globally competitive. Logistics’ company, Agility Africa has been tackling these challenges by building a network of manufacturing hubs across the continent in regions that have the trickiest access to some critical resources needed to grow new business, namely keeping the lights on, keeping the internet up and running, and providing a safe and secure environment to work.  [Includes Audio Interview]

Namoratunga: Astrologists are Out of the Dark on Africa’s Ancient Sites

Here on the dusty south-western shores of Lake Turkana, amid the sand and stones, stand large basalt pillars arranged in a circular pattern, the Dancing Stones of Namoratunga; megalithic structures that point to a grand design and purpose by an ancient people from thousands of years ago that most of the world didn’t even know existed.

Top Luxury Vacation Stays in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has just been named the top travel destination in Africa for 2017 by the Conde Nast Traveler; it’s one of only two African countries that made the “Best Places to Travel in 2017” this year…

Top African Travel Blogs

For some travel aficionados, journeying across Africa has become their unofficial career and they’ve documented their incredible travels on a variety of interesting & thrilling travel blogs…

Africa’s Best Off-Season Vacation Spots

Peak season travel across the African continent can be spectacular but expensive – here’s how to avoid the expense and still manage to tick some of those amazing African vacation spots off your bucket list and have a great time doing it.

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Reporting Africa: New Storytellers, New Stories (Seminar Report)

Africa is rising and its narrative is evolving rapidly; Mel Bunce says that the days of reporting the continent through a lens of suffering, famine, war and catastrophe are receding or, at least, significantly tempered by shifting narratives of economic growth and social change that feature a wider diversity of voices and perspectives.

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South Africa’s youth hack the continent’s biggest space project

South Africa is building the world’s largest radio telescope – the Square Kilometer Array (SKA). But once it is operational, the real work begins: the immense streams of data gathered from across the universe will have to be processed. Is this where young techies could come in?

Could the outrage over Cecil the Lion trigger more lion deaths?

The shooting of Cecil the Lion made game hunting headline news all over the world. But behind one lion’s death, there is a whole industry of breeding lions for sport. If canned hunting and cub petting is not regulated properly, it will be difficult for Africa’s wildlife to be worth more alive than dead.

What is Mos Def’s World Passport and can we all get one?

South Africa has put its foot down over accepting the world passport as a legal travel document – sorry Mos Def – but could using it actually help monitor and aid undocumented migrants and refugees across the continent?

Stopping Ebola is going to need more than a vaccine

The worst Ebola outbreak in recorded history has already claimed the lives of more than 11,000 people across West Africa. Many deaths could have been prevented: local communities did not know enough about the disease and how to stop its spread. An ambitious new programme aims to train local journalists how better to inform and educate their communities in order to keep them safe.

SA’s Homo Naledi skeleton has changed history — and triggered a weird race row

The watershed fossil discovery of Homo naledi is a breakthrough moment for South African science – why then are some prominent local politicians just so darned insulted by them?

Can the UN conference solve Africa’s catch-22 climate change dilemma?

African communities already feeling the pinch of global warming received a sharp reminder of the severity of their precarious predicament, when Pope Francis used his historic visit to Kenya as a platform highlighting the ‘catastrophic perils’ already inflicted by climate change on the continent.

Does dehorning rhinos actually keep them safe from poachers?

While rhinos and elephants are poached at devastating rates throughout Africa, one reserve in South Africa is taking drastic action to save its rhino herds by having them all dehorned – is this really what it takes to save a species?

Sustainable Solutions: Building sand houses in Cape Town

Are locally-built sandbag homes the simple answer to the practical challenges township residents face … fire, flood and planning permissions?

Black kids around the world want dolls that look like them

First Queens of Africa and now Momppy Mpoppy dolls are replacing Barbie as a sassy alternative for young African girls and boosting their self-esteem at the same time.

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A Quiet Killer

Many years ago, Wayne Starks dreamed he should spread the word and educate folks in high risk communities about hepatitis C, a sneaky and shattering, yet curable, disease.

Get Screened for Hep C

Hepatitis C – A sneaky and shattering, yet curable, disease…

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South Africa’s Scientific Innovation Goals: 2018 Satellite Launch

Global innovation is evolving at an incredible rate and South Africa is not being left behind – it’s leading research in everything from micro-satellites to laser technology, and even medical science and nanotechnology.

South Africa’s Anti-Poaching Game Plan to Save their Rhinos

South Africa is home to more than 80% of the world’s wild rhinos, but the country is under siege from poachers and wildlife traffickers. Given the spiraling rate of poaching, rhinos could be extinct within the decade. Rangers from the Kruger National Park run us through some of the methods they’re using to tackle poachers.

Discovering the Missing Link: Australopithecus Sediba could be Mankind’s Earliest Direct Ancestor

New evidence about the two sets of fossilized skeletal remains found at the Cradle of Humankind in South Africa suggests that they might be those of the ancestors of modern humans. The fossils, of a female adult and of a male child (named Karabo), were unveiled last year as a new species, Australopithecus Sediba.

Our Dry Planet: South Africa’s Precarious Water Future

The world’s limited water resources are often mismanaged and wasted, severely hampering development. Now experts – including some of South Africa’s best scientists – are scrambling for solutions.




How to stop Ebola — and it’s more than a vaccine

“The worst Ebola outbreak in recorded history has already claimed the lives of more than 11,000 people across West Africa. Many deaths could have been prevented: local communities did not know enough about the disease and how to stop its spread. An ambitious new programme aims to train local journalists how better to inform and educate their communities in order to keep them safe.”





Your Brain on Music

Your brain loves music like Willy Wonka loves chocolate. Let’s paint a picture of your brain on music

Are You Suffering from the ‘Nocebo Effect’?

The placebo effect has a dark side, too  — a sort of negative placebo effect called the nocebo effect. Lets look at this mind-over-medicine principle…

Is Crying Actually Good for You?

Having a good cry can sometimes be just hat the doctor ordered. In fact, some psychologists even suggest that we may be doing ourselves a disservice by not tearing up regularly.

Can Tooth Enamel Grow Back?

While tooth enamel is actually translucent, teeth start to look more yellow as it wears away, because the yellow dentin underneath begins to show through. Which can leave you wondering: What can you do to get your precious enamel back?

Why Does My Stomach Growl?

Doctors actually have a name for that grumbling sound that comes from your innards: It’s call “borborygmi” (pronounced BOR-boh-RIG-me), and the truth is, it doesn’t come from your stomach at all.

What is Water Weight?

Water retention may be a real thing for some people, but water weight itself may not be — here are some explanations…


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Thabo Sefolosha: The NBA superstar with a heart of gold

Swiss basketball megastar Thabo Sefolosha has got some serious game. Not only has the towering 6 foot 7 inch guard been blazing a trail through the ranks of the NBA, he’s also spearheading a special after-school project in a South African township that’s keeping kids off the streets and uplifting a community.

New York Celebrates 20 Years of Shared Interest

It’s no coincidence that Shared Interest’s anniversary coincides with the year South Africa celebrates 20 years of democracy with its fifth national election — the NGO has long been invested in the future of the country, raising more than $16 million over the last two decades to support numerous agricultural and housing projects and facilitating scores of micro-lending ventures that have benefited more than two million people.